Experience theatre

Experience theatre is based on real stories, on personal and shared experiences. It is educational and interactive. The performance is made by experienced young people, in cooperation with youth workers. With little theatre experience, but especially with a backpack full of professional and personal experiences. Experience theatre works from the conviction that young people are better helped in youth assistance if they are equal and are seen as a vessel full of experiences and possibilities.

We offer theatre performances, workshops and chairmanship. In our work you’ll hear and feel the true voices of young people. We will produce and create in a safe space of equivalence to get the best out of the participants. And our production surprises the audience and everyone will leave the room feeling connected and empowered.


Do you have an idea or can you help us to take our ambitions beyond the Dutch borders? Please contact us on info@ervaringstheater.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible!